10:19AM, Thursday 26th October 2017

Last Snowfall
on 1 January

Weather Conditions

, °C

Snow Conditions

Average depth: 0cm (cm-cm)

Last snowfall: cm on 1 January


Tyndall Tramway Closed

Rugby Tow Closed

Access Tow Closed

Main Tow Closed

Ridge Tow Closed

Baby Tow Closed

Traverse Tow Closed

Allan's Basin Closed

Services & Facilities

Lyndon Lodge Closed

Broken River Lodge Closed

White Star Chalet Closed


Access Road Closed

NOTE: Broken River Ski Area does not undertake avalanche control or ski patrolling outside the ski area boundary. See our trail map for ski area boundaries. Always be suitably prepared when skiing outside the ski area boundary - know the avalanche risks, carry avalanche safety gear and know how to use it. Visit for the most recent avalanche conditions.

Tuesday, August 1st 5:24 pm
Tuesday, August 1st 4:24 pm
Tuesday, August 1st 3:24 pm
Tuesday, August 1st 2:24 pm
Tuesday, August 1st 1:24 pm
Tuesday, August 1st 12:24 pm
Tuesday, August 1st 11:24 am
Tuesday, August 1st 10:24 am
Tuesday, August 1st 9:24 am
Tuesday, August 1st 8:24 am
Tuesday, August 1st 7:24 am
Monday, July 31st 6:24 pm
Monday, July 31st 5:24 pm
Monday, July 31st 4:24 pm
Monday, July 31st 3:24 pm
Monday, July 31st 2:24 pm
Monday, July 31st 1:24 pm
Monday, July 31st 12:24 pm
Monday, July 31st 11:24 am
Monday, July 31st 10:24 am
Monday, July 31st 9:24 am
Monday, July 31st 8:24 am
Monday, July 31st 7:24 am
Sunday, July 30th 6:24 pm
Sunday, July 30th 5:24 pm
Sunday, July 30th 4:24 pm
Sunday, July 30th 3:24 pm
Sunday, July 30th 2:24 pm
Sunday, July 30th 1:24 pm
Sunday, July 30th 12:24 pm
Sunday, July 30th 11:24 am
Sunday, July 30th 10:24 am
Sunday, July 30th 9:24 am
Sunday, July 30th 8:24 am
Sunday, July 30th 7:24 am
Saturday, July 29th 6:22 pm
Saturday, July 29th 5:22 pm
Saturday, July 29th 4:22 pm
Saturday, July 29th 3:22 pm
Saturday, July 29th 2:22 pm
Saturday, July 29th 1:22 pm
Saturday, July 29th 12:22 pm
Saturday, July 29th 11:22 am
Saturday, July 29th 10:22 am
Saturday, July 29th 9:22 am
Friday, July 28th 6:22 pm
Friday, July 28th 5:22 pm
Friday, July 28th 4:22 pm
Friday, July 28th 3:22 pm
Friday, July 28th 2:22 pm
Friday, July 28th 1:22 pm
Friday, July 28th 12:22 pm
Friday, July 28th 11:22 am
Friday, July 28th 10:22 am
Friday, July 28th 9:22 am
Friday, July 28th 8:22 am
Friday, July 28th 7:22 am
Thursday, July 27th 6:22 pm
Thursday, July 27th 5:22 pm
Thursday, July 27th 4:22 pm
Thursday, July 27th 3:22 pm
Thursday, July 27th 2:22 pm
Thursday, July 27th 1:22 pm
Thursday, July 27th 12:22 pm
Thursday, July 27th 11:22 am
Thursday, July 27th 10:22 am
Thursday, July 27th 9:22 am
Thursday, July 27th 8:22 am
Thursday, July 27th 7:22 am
Wednesday, July 26th 6:22 pm
Wednesday, July 26th 5:22 pm
Wednesday, July 26th 4:22 pm
Wednesday, July 26th 3:22 pm
Wednesday, July 26th 2:22 pm
Wednesday, July 26th 1:22 pm
Wednesday, July 26th 12:22 pm
Wednesday, July 26th 11:22 am
Wednesday, July 26th 10:22 am
Wednesday, July 26th 9:22 am
Wednesday, July 26th 8:22 am
Wednesday, July 26th 7:22 am
Tuesday, July 25th 6:28 pm
Tuesday, July 25th 5:28 pm
Tuesday, July 25th 4:28 pm
Tuesday, July 25th 3:28 pm
Tuesday, July 25th 2:28 pm
Tuesday, July 25th 2:22 pm
Tuesday, July 25th 1:22 pm
Tuesday, July 25th 12:22 pm
Tuesday, July 25th 11:22 am
Tuesday, July 25th 10:22 am
Tuesday, July 25th 9:22 am
Tuesday, July 25th 8:22 am
Tuesday, July 25th 7:22 am
Monday, July 24th 6:22 pm
Monday, July 24th 5:22 pm
Monday, July 24th 4:22 pm
Monday, July 24th 3:22 pm
Monday, July 24th 2:22 pm
Monday, July 24th 1:22 pm
Monday, July 24th 12:22 pm
Monday, July 24th 11:22 am
Monday, July 24th 10:22 am
Monday, July 24th 9:22 am
Monday, July 24th 8:22 am
Monday, July 24th 7:22 am
Sunday, July 23rd 6:22 pm
Sunday, July 23rd 5:22 pm
Sunday, July 23rd 4:22 pm
Sunday, July 23rd 3:22 pm
Sunday, July 23rd 2:22 pm
Sunday, July 23rd 1:22 pm
Sunday, July 23rd 12:22 pm
Sunday, July 23rd 11:22 am
Sunday, July 23rd 10:22 am
Sunday, July 23rd 9:22 am
Sunday, July 23rd 8:22 am
Sunday, July 23rd 7:22 am
Saturday, July 22nd 6:22 pm
Saturday, July 22nd 5:22 pm
Saturday, July 22nd 4:22 pm
Saturday, July 22nd 3:22 pm
Saturday, July 22nd 2:22 pm
Saturday, July 22nd 1:22 pm
Saturday, July 22nd 12:22 pm
Saturday, July 22nd 11:22 am
Saturday, July 22nd 10:22 am
Saturday, July 22nd 9:22 am
Saturday, July 22nd 8:22 am
Saturday, July 22nd 7:22 am
Friday, July 21st 6:22 pm
Friday, July 21st 5:22 pm
Friday, July 21st 4:22 pm
Friday, July 21st 3:22 pm
Friday, July 21st 2:22 pm
Friday, July 21st 1:22 pm
Friday, July 21st 12:22 pm
Friday, July 21st 11:22 am
Friday, July 21st 10:22 am
Friday, July 21st 9:22 am
Friday, July 21st 8:22 am
Friday, July 21st 7:22 am
Thursday, July 20th 5:58 pm
Thursday, July 20th 4:58 pm
Thursday, July 20th 3:58 pm

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